Somali Self-employed Business woman

A Somali strong single mother who raises Six children alone; she took an enormous responsibility on her neck alone. Saafi Nur works hard in order to sustain the need and the interest of her children. Her determination, courage and energy made to one of the strongest mothers who committed to raise their children alone. Some of her children now are studying to Secondary school Gymnasieskola and they work to support their mother.

The 48-years-old mother makes her life more independent; she runs a shop in the center of Orebro; where she sells African traditional dresses and cosmentics; Saafi also Addimited that she works as social worker; helps sick and old people who live alone. In this way she earns some extra income to suport her children. ”I earn 16-thousand Swedish Crones per month after taxation, but this is not enough to our need so, i decided  to work at nights in order to get extra money” said Saafi showing her concens on the sustainability of her income.

She looks a tired and embattled but committed to achieve  her goals.  She is  alert and her eyes reflects her tough days and excessive responsiblity on her shoulder ; but decorated with cosmetics and  jewerllary, gold and Henna; Somali traditional Tatoo on her hands(Cilaan).  Around the train station, not far from the heart of Orebro city  Saafi runs  her own shop. She works 6 day per week and the rest of her time she spends with her children every day.

Saafi likes to learn a lot and  speaks many languages fairly beyond her mother tongue, such as Swedish, Arabic, and English but her firm routines  and duties may not allow  to move forward a lot to pursue farther education; she is really bussy to sort out the dailly life of her children who needs alot of her support every day.

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