Jewelry and Cosmetic Business

 Somali couple is establishing self-employment retail business in the heart of   Orebro. Ali Abukar and Habiba. Have been waging a private business for the last Seven years in Orebro and beyond. Ali is also a chief of Somali voluntary association. He works with different groups of Somali migrants here in Orebro as well as in Sweden in general like – youth, women and the like. Ali and Habiba sell women and men’s dress and cosmetics, Somali traditional handcrafts as well as jewelry.  Ali is more enthusiastic on the sustainability of his business. Thought he mentioned that theirs are some challenges with concerning the level of taxation in the country especially to small and growing business. And variety of systems they work within “we import most of our commodity from Arab world and their difference between the Swedish system and that in Arab countries with concerning to the business regulations. And our contract to those countries is not valid here in Sweden said, Ali. This is a problem which we have still. For example; when we make our audit report, we met no returns/leftover from taxation and custom authorities here only we pay” Ali said.

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