A new president come to the power after decisive victory over the current president

The latest news: Somali elections

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The new Somali president came as result of representative parliamentary democracy of Somalia .

It was unexpected to be elected a Somali nationalist candidate in the yesterday election because of excessive political and bribery interventions by alien countries including the neighbouring countries in the process of the election as well as fierce competition in between Somali clans to assume the power.

The elected Somali president, Mohammed Abdullahi Farmaajo is known efficiency and competence and so many Somalis believe that he is the best technocrat that can move the nation forward.

Historically Farmaajo he worked as a prime minister in the transitional government, he showed loyalty, credibility and commitment to the nation.Visit our website for more information on the president He is also known the relentless political nationalism were he has declared to restore peace and prosperity and fight against the corruption, and terrorism.

He pledges to equip and rebuilding the Somali national army and fight against corruption, terrorism, and hunger. However, there are enormous challenges on the way. Those challenges can be categorise both internal and external. The internal difficulties such as lack of effective security in the country, and over floating corruption in both government institutions and in the business sector of Somalia. Moreover that, there is chronic clan politics is another obstacle on the way, as well as lack of efficient functioning government institutions and total economic devaluation.

With regarding to the external challenges, for instance; a huge political and military interventions over Somali territorial integrity. There are also contradictory interests of international community on Somalia.

By: Omar Ahmed,

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