Yusuf Abdow resigns because of serious corruption!

An investigative journalistic report issued by the NA indicates that Yusuf Abdo who was a regular member of the city council has indeed committed a large scale corruption and manipulation against the rules and regulations of the Swedish taxation system. The report indicates that Mr. Yusuf has used public taxation funds in an improper manner. The report says that Mr. Yusuf failed to pay nearly a million Swedish Crowns of taxation money.
Mr. Yusuf said today “I have chosen to immediately request a withdrawal from all my political missions,”. Moreover, Yusuf has been selected by mostly by the Somali community in Örebro, and during his political campaigns, where he delivered false promises.However, he succeeded to be a leading figure of the Social democratic party of Sweden, particularly in Örebro municipality where he was elected twice, and become a member of the central decision-making body of the municipality of Örebro( kommunfullmäktige). He has been a long-life permanent member in the municipality especially, the decision-making committee.
According to the information reported by the mainstream media, Mr. Yusuf has resigned leaving his political position because of the corruption case in which he involved in. However, what is unclear is, whether an investigation will be proceeded, or not. The question is will Mr. Yusuf’s case be submitted to a court of justice and probably face charges, or not?
Mr. Yusuf Abdow has been running a private business for more than ten years and he is an owner and co-founder of so many private businesses and money transfers within the country as well as overseas.
Yusuf Abdow has been an active member of Afrikashorn for a long period of time. An association that has lost its credibility for its constituents because of historical corruption since the establishment. Yusuf was one of the prominent supporters of this organization for a long period of time. There are also rumors that show the organization involves unlawful business hidden under the cover of the cultural association(Afrikashorn)Afrikashorn
Written by: Omar Ahmed

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