Somalis in 7 European cities, economy,education, health..etc

This report forms the overview of the Open Society Foundations’ At Home in Europe project on Somalis in European cities. At Home in Europe is a research and advocacy initiative that works to advance the social inclusion of vulnerable communities in a changing Europe. The project explores the political, social, economic and cultural participation of marginalised majority and minority communities in western Europe.

It places a high priority on local community and city authority measures that mitigate discrimination and seek to ensure equal treatment for all. The project’s underlying theme is to identify the barriers to full and equal treatment, better understand the factors leading to marginalisation, identify and promote effective integration policies and practices in Europe, and undertake research-based advocacy in order to improve
participation and opportunities through engagement with residents, civil society and policymakers. The Somalis in European cities project builds upon and develops the work of earlier OSF research on Muslims in EU cities. The need for research that provides a greater understanding of experiences of Somali communities first emerged during discussions
with policymakers and practitioners in the course of completing the research and engaging in advocacy for the Muslims in EU cities reports.

National and city officials in a number of cities where OSF was engaged noted that, compared with the older minority communities that had arrived in the postwar period as economic migrants,Somalis formed a new rapidly growing community that was little understood by
policymakers. Initial indications suggested that they were communities that were at risk of social exclusion and for which there was a need for solid research evidence to support the development of effective inclusion and integration policies.

The studies cover the experience of Somalis in seven cities in six western and northern European countries: Amsterdam (the Netherlands), Copenhagen (Denmark), Helsinki
(Finland), Leicester (UK), London (UK), Malmö (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway). Based on available statistics, 37,432 Somalis are estimated to live in the Netherlands, 57,873 in Sweden, 19,707 in Denmark, 36,651 in Norway and 16, 721 in Finland. read more about the study here: just click on the link bellow.

Somalis in Europe

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