Fundraising for the sake of Somalia to fight against Covid19(Please help our Somalia))

Fundraising for the sake of Somalia  to fight with  COVID-19. Stand for your people!

 Somalia is threatened by Covid-19 as many parties of the world, but our people are more vulnerable than any other nation in developing world due to civil war and lack of strong and functional government that is capable to stand the interest and the rights of its people since the early 1990s after the fall of the central government. To day there is no health care, no more equipment to deal with this situation. We are appealing to all Africans, Somalians, diaspora community, and our friends to contribute for the sake of the nation to fight this  horrible disease.

What will we do with the benefit or money go that come out of this?
The main objective of this initiative is to get funding to support the fight against the novel COVID-19 menace, which has become a cankerworm eating into the fabrics of our dear country. Under this project, we want to support the government by sending all proceeds into the COVID-19 Somali national crisis group– a special fund that is set up by the government to fight the virus.

How would or could this initiative help the (mass) people of  SOMALIA
There is no gainsaying the fact that the overall objective of the project is to improve upon the general well-being of the people living in Somalia through;

– The provision of medical supplies to be used on our families who may need care arising from the current health conditions.
– To show solidarity to the Somali health agencies, and people.

How much in funds are we seeking to get through this initiative?
There is no estimated budget  for this purpose. However, we hope to raise a substantial amount to show our support for them .who are indeed  be in need at this crucial moment…,Long-life Somalia and its friends!

Where do I send my donations?
All donations can be sent to the following details below:

Bankgiro: 219-9966

No amount is too small.

Thank you!

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