Welcome to Afro-Swedish Media &Cultural Association!

We are a group of African and Swedish volunteers who work to inform,  educate entertain the African- Swedish  community in Örebro(both youngsters and adults) . In doing so, we inform through rich multimedia contents designed to fit the interest and the desire of  our community. Our media content consists of  news articles, entertainment, debates, post news articles or features, we have also   effective learning platforms where students and pupils get support. All are written in two  languages, but we are open to use more languages to satisfy the need of multilingual society of today.

African diaspora in Sweden

AFSMCA  is less political, less religious motivated voluntary association and we  are free from personal biases and partiality. We work with a set of rules and norms of professional media. We do respect all personal or group differences and opinions. Our goal is to assure the principle of freedom of speech and open discussion within the people to solve our contemporary socio-economic segregation, housing, security, educational  and environmental difficulties together.

The ultimate goal behind the establishment of this online magazine is  inform and educate our youngsters and  build a strong bridge of communication and interaction in between our community, specifically between African immigrant community and hosting community in Sweden to tackle the segregation, impoverishment, racisms and avoidance. We facilitate and motivate to build that bridge effectively through discussion and debates on the milestone questions in our Society(Unemployment rates, housing problems, criminality, racism and drug abuse). To minimize prejudice and the stereotypical assumptions that may arise in between society.  We are acting as a platform for collaboration and understanding between different cultures and civilizations indeed to make stronger our society.

Positive media representation of different groups with our society is very vital for democratic society, because it promotes equality, inclusion and freedom of speech. Hence, the positive and objective representation of media promotes chances of   integration, belongness  of African immigrants and other minorities to norms, rules and the morality of hosting nation-state. It minimizes mistrust and animosity in between different ethnic groups in the country.

Swedish media polarization and its unfair portrayal of African diaspora community and minority groups, in general, has created a suspicion on the media’s objectivity in news content.

The most challenging aspect of the mainstream media is that it lacks clear strategy of fair representation of diaspora minority groups in the news content as well as the entertainment programs. Media sets its own agenda with over-representation of the majority in the production, presentation of news and the information. Media quotes mostly people from majority groups as an ‘experts’, or authorities and then discusses an issue concerning to the immigrant and minority groups without an inclusion of the voices of the immigrant community.

African immigrants had lost their position, and suffered misrepresentation  in the mainstream media be it printed, broadcast and t as well as  the online media as a result of that, they consume an alternative international media content for news and information. We have been observing African immigrant community and their consumption of media contents for a while. The  African immigrants in Sweden use a variety of media contents be it local, national, and international for news, entertainment, and information.

The local media reportage about the African community is biased, repulsive and stereotypical built on imagination. It  rarely  reports on the positive or the promising side of African immigrant community in Sweden. Media quotes negativity and then labels to the entire community. Chasing negativity is problematic for both media and audiences and invites public anger.

One of our major  goals behind  the establishment of this web magazine is just to raise an awareness of media’s negative portrayals towards  African immigrants in the country and the misrepresentation in the news coverage by associating the national identity with criminality  as well as the need for an inclusive and participatory media which can entertain and inform to the entire constituents of the Swedish nation-state, a Media that have responsibility, ethics and capacity to serve multicultural society of Sweden quite opposite what we have to day, a sensationalist media who always runs after profit, or motivated by political ends. in fact, the language of the media  and the public discourses have been representing the African immigrants in negative manner. This creates an artificial images of defamation against the African integrity and personality which is unacceptable.

Hence,  we believe that an inclusive and fair representation in media is crucial for universal values of human rights everyone must be heard, respected and ultimately acknowledged regardless of his/her ethnicity, sacred values, and class. Freedom of expression and the principle of equality of all human being is a vital issue for human development and well- being.


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