Somali diaspora community  is  holding a   meeting  in Orebro   to  discuss vital issues relating to the current racist attack by the Left part MP Amineh Kakabaveh.

Somalis in Orebro are meeting to tackle racism and other integration obstacles in Vivalla centrum today. More than One-hundred people, including business owners, intellectuals, parents, community leaders, politicians, community associations are gathering in an urgent meeting to address vital issues concerning to their life in the city and problems they are facing. The meeting is taking place at the cultural hole in Vivallaskolan at 15.00.

Group of Somali diaspora meeting in the Vivalla centrum
Group of Somali diaspora meeting in the Vivalla centrum

 It is expected to address several issues in the meeting such as racism and its problems to Somali community, including the recent racist attack on Somalis in Sweden by   Amineh Kakabaveh Kurdish- Swedish politician from the left party and her propaganda film that she spread on social media.

The film contained a fabricated footage with text that  indicates a group of Somalis who are planning to attack or making a conspiracy against Sweden the film also shows footage of Somalis talking about how they should conquer the country. Somali diaspora community  launched an organized demonstration in the center of Orebro in front of the main public library chanting with death to ‘’Fascism and Racism’’ and ‘Stop Afro-phobic propaganda in the left party’. Slogans were too many including “stand up against racism”. The demonstration came after left party politicians denied to accept Somali’s demand on a total resignation of Amineh from her political activity in the parliament as well as inside the left party. “we are here to defend the rights of our people, such this violation cannot be seen as normal mistake, Amineh can’t be our representative in the parliament in this way” Said Yusuf Abdow Somali politician in Orebro Municipality parliament.

On the other hand, the meeting was also discussed a replacement plan of nearly 100 students from Vivalla school and their re-distribution into four other schools in Orebro. The replacement program comes as a result of a low academic performance of those students and widespread of vandalism in the school. Most students is  drawn from primary school, grade nine. Parents and school administration discussed the problem several times previously, however, it becomes clear that the situation can’t be maintained as it’s today. Chronic low grades and lack of effective discipline of students made the situation of the school more critical.

The Orebro municipality decided to intervene the situation, through collaboration with Somali voluntary associations, parents and politician in the municipal parliament to launch the evacuation mission as well as how to accomplish with time frame. “we believe that our experiment plan will upgrade students and improve integration as educational development” Said Anders Ostman, politician from Christian democrats’ party and former principle of Vivalla school. He met with Somali parents and HornAfrik association (Somali voluntary association) to persuade the communal decision concerning the evacuation plan of students. The municipality decision will be finalized in late on May and replacement will have proceeded during the autumn term.

Students will be re-distributed into four municipal schools in Orebro as per to the decision:

  • Engelbrektsskolan,

  • Alsalamskolan,

  • LillånSkolan

  • Karl Johnskolan

Each school will receive similar quota according to Anders Ostman which is 25 students each which makes the total of students one-hundred. “The most difficult thing I had faced during my administration in Vivalla school was a lack of good communication between parents and school. Most of the Parents would not able to reach and control their children in Vivalla school” said Anders

The municipal authorities justified the evacuation plan as a remedy for widespread low academic commitment as a result of both weak disciplinary measures and environmental difficulties in and around the school according to their justification. Anders presented a  statistical data which denotes a huge gap between Vivavlla school accumulative student grade points with other municipal schools. However, there is some concern of parents on whether this plan will be more successful as permanent solution or not. “I am afraid about how to make our school and students more effective, because the plan is not enough to solve the problem, many parents have a fear to send their children to those schools because we don’t know what will happen” said Ader, Mohammed a mother of four children whose one of her children will definitely sent to those schools.

On the other hand, the meeting was also discussed on how to create strong and collaborative Somali associations which can address and tackle those social problems. The Africa Horn proposed a plan of action which will address on how to improve student’s education, create a job for Somalis and fight against extremism and racism in the country and in Orebro in specific. “We need to reform the work of associations and make them more effective and participatory by Somali community her in Orebro,” said Mahdi Ahmed The chief of HornAfrik association.

Community leaders and parents were also participated to address their concern on how to build effective and efficient association which can undertake the assigned task. During the meeting, people were divided  into groups to volunteer their area of interest to make the organizations more activated and representative.

Somali Diaspora meeting in Orebro
BY: Omar Ahmed


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