We inform educate and entertain youngsters in Vivalla!

Since the beginning of the year 2018, we have been waging self-help program for youngsters to improve their knowledge and skills regarding specific school subjects for instances, mathematics, and the languages, in doing so we allocated some time to observe their interests and challenges that they had been facing in these areas of course with consultations with parents. The voluntary program succeeded to improve the skills and the confidence of those who took part. Our organization provides free lectures, classroom sessions, and we also motivate young people to move forward and learn more not just to get degrees and certificates, but for seeking a piece of knowledge. Afro-Swedish Media and Cultural Association stands the interests, and desire of the young people particularly students who want to learn more in their journey. But we also assist adults who have the same goal of learning and are serious to fight for their goals. In the coming future, we are planning to introduce a new course about programming languages, both for amateurs and advanced learners.


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